Why I Stopped Hating The Last Of Us: Part II


After a second playthrough and a Dunkey video… I have a new feeling about The Last Of Us 2

As a huge fan of The Last Of Us, when I heard Naughty Dog was making a sequel I was excited and nervous for Naughty Dog at the same time. How in the hell were they going to follow up such a perfect self contained story in a way that makes a sequel worthy? Time passed, trailers and hype came, and after 7 years it was finally time. I had avoided all news from the game, but knew there was some controversy around the game prior to playing it, but overall went in with only the insanely high expectations that the first game had set for the series. Then IT happened. And IT happened, HARD. When IT happened, I did not write the game off like it turns out many people did, but I dug myself a metaphorical hole that I was waiting for Neil Druckmann and Naughty Dog to pull me out of, but as the game went on, they only gave me more efficient ways to dig myself deeper into my metaphorical hole of holy fuck this game is pissing me off… They weren’t making the pain “worth it”. I wasn’t playing the game picking up on connections or parallels or themes, I was simply making progress waiting for the story to give me that moment that made all the bullshit they put me through worth it and feel good, or whatever feeling we all felt at the end of The Last of Us 1, when we all thought it was genius because it was asking us if Joel did the right thing. Those were much simpler times, and we didn’t even understand then how depressing that ending really was. But I digress, as the follow up to that statement is another video and thought entirely, but long story short, I finished my first playthrough and HATED the story and felt extremely shocked that Naughty Dog had finally “missed”. I immediately went through all of the articles and leaks and threads that I so carefully avoided to only gain more backup for myself not being crazy for thinking that the game was TRASH. The anger at the game turned to the freedom to laugh at the catastrophic failure that the untouchable beast Naughty Dog somehow put out, as every conversation about the game I saw was ripping them to pieces. REVENGE BAD WOW!?! Who does that to their main and most beloved character?? I’ve never seen any form of media, be it a book, movie or game show so little respect to their characters death!!! Anyone who supported the game was getting downvoted, and responded to in droves with how wrong they were. I settled with the fact that the gameplay was much better, there were some memorable moments like the Dinosaur level and the Rat King, but I am massively disappointed that the internet now gets to laugh at one of my favorite series and probably favorite developers. End the Last Of Us 2 reading and looking for news, lets just move on and forget it ever happened…

Then my man videogamedunkey put out his Last Of Us 2 video and I HAD to see him shit on the game. I KNEW he was going to put to words what I was thinking on why the game was bad and it is finally a new video I can watch right when it releases, since I won’t watch any of his vids on games that I haven’t already played… Typical video with jokes and addressing the controversy, and then it comes down to the part I was waiting for, which was the critique on the story. To this point it seemed like he was just putting the ball on the tee to let Naughty Dog have it for how bad the story was, but it weirdly sounded like… he liked it?! WTF?! I’m making counter points for all his points in my head like this dude is tripping and he’s about to get roasted for this but props for him sticking to his own opinion despite that but damn Dunkey you trippin on this –

Then he said that the game isn’t just about how bad decisions (like revenge) bring you down the wrong path, but how good decisions can lead you on the right one. Paraphrasing. But that was the point that had me stumped and that I was too angry on my first playthrough to even consider. So now I’M LIKE FUCK. That might be true. FUCK. Did I just waste my first playthrough? Was I not paying attention? Did Dunkey misinterpret some shit or is he looking too deep? I spent like 3 days thinking on the game and how I felt and what happened, all while I also wait for my brother to finally finish the game and hear what he thinks. Time passes, I’m balls deep in reading reddit threads and comments and I finally get to see what my brother thinks… and he loves it. Doesn’t understand what the hate was for. I am blasting him with but what about and nahhh man you still can’t do Joel like that man, and then its all just to say revenge is bad?? My brother countered my points and I definitely respect his opinion on games as well so I’m now double dipping in thinking I must be missing something or tripping on this game. I decide I HAVE to play it again. I know my mindset through the first playthrough was ENTIRELY focused on Naughty Dog making killing Joel, and killing him how they did “worth it”. If you watch my original stream that is all I was repeating over and over again. How are they going to make it WORTH IT?! I followed the story but with a bias and an extremely narrow minded approach to it, despite thinking I was trying to give the game a chance to win me over. So anyways, I play it again, obviously with the knowledge of everything so its MUCH easier to not be so emotional. I shit you not as I pushed on and on through the game I just kept kicking myself for not catching certain things, or giving the story the respect it deserves TRULY and realizing that my rage at Joel being dead blinded me from even experiencing the game. Then it clicked that I literally became Ellie, not out for revenge, but entirely blinded and lost in rage at what they did to my beloved Joel. You took this game from me, you took this incredible amount of hype and hope and crushed it, wasted my time and emotions all just to rob it from me… Until I saw my blindess and yeah okay thats enough typing you get it i didn’t like the game then I realized I was a dumbass and looked at the game from a different perspective I’m just enjoying typing this out okay? I was always good at english and writing in school and it’s taking me back but now I get to write about shit I care about so fuck off the game is good sheesh