Mikey Williams Ankle Check


Returning To Goofy Voice-Overed BallerVisions Videos Was Fun

BallerVisions has had me burnt out on creating sports content for probably 2 years now, but thanks to COVID, depressions, and questioning my life decisions, I decided to say fuck it and have some fun on BV again and not care what the reaction to it might be. I got lucky to find someone to cover Mikey Williams in North Carolina out of the blue, and even more lucky that a fake ankle breaker happened on Mikey and even even more lucky that the person filming for me is new and made the rookie mistake of leaving his mic on the camera unplugged, which led to me filling the silence in with a random voiceover commentary of Mikey getting “crossed” which led to some funny comments which gave me the perfect excuse to create said video. Whew. Anyways I spent 8 hours editing this which I haven’t done in FOREVER for a video but it ended up being a lot of fun and what I think is a classic level BV video. So, Ankle Check #5, Mikey’s SILENT SLIP now exists and I get to figure out what to post next as there is still NO SPORTS IN CALIFORNIA ANYTIME SOON LOL